After competing with Samsung and Apple in normal Budget phone now Xiaomi has unveiled its first Tablet in China in directly competition with Samsung Tab series and Apple iPad in China, However Xiaomi Tablet is not publicly available but it is expected that it will be available at the mid June for China Public.After unveiling this Smartphone device now Xiaomi became one of the six largest mobile vendor in world in first quarter of this year (2014).

First Tablet Mipad : Specs

The device is named as Mipad and soon will be available for china people.As per interview Lei Jun (Founder of Xiaomi) their first tablet Mipad will have six color variants and also have a 7.9 Inch touchscreen which is similar to Apple iPad. Lei didn’t declared anything about its specification but it is expected that it will come with Wireless ( WiFi enabled) ,both front and rear Camera. It will have build-in storage memory of 16 GB and 64 GB variant.

Xiaomi first tablet Mipad positive point will be its cheaper price which is expected much lower than Apple’s tablet iPad and Samsung tablet Tab.Xiaomi first tablet Mipad is launched at event organized in Beijing.

Xiaomi doesn’t reveals its network specification they didn’t said anything about its  configuration we still don’t know whether it come with 4G version of not.Xiaomi is only limited to China and now planning to grow its business world wide as already launched its smartphone in Singapore and Taiwan.

In October, Xiaomi propelled its leader Mi 3 cell phone, offering 100,000 units in 90 seconds when it was discharged on the web ( released online). Its ease handset has additionally saw solid deals in China and was as of late propelled in Singapore.

The organization hopes to offer 40 million Smartphone devices not long from now, contrasted with 18.7 million last year and 7.2 million the prior year.

First Mipad Tablet

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