Nothing is constant in this world. Whatever rises has to come down. Same goes with the social networking sites occupying the internet nowadays. Orkut became popular and reined people’s hearts for so many years and then came Facebook and shadowed it. It’s been long since Facebook found a tough competitor. It has reigned the internet social media for a long time and now the time has come where Facebook is at the verge of falling. It is in tough competition with Google+. Though it cannot be determined whether it is because of the growing popularity of Google+ or people started getting bored of Facebook much before that. Google+ has the best of everything.

Google+ was launched at a time where it could pick the best of qualities of the existing networking sites, be it Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. It has such unique features which make it stand apart from the rest. It’s surprising to see the response that Google+ has got in the first month after its June end launch. About 25 million people joined Google+ whereas Facebook touched this much figure almost after 3 years. This Information points to the possibility of Google+ becoming the most popular networking site ever. Facebook has almost reached a saturation point and if it wants to defeat its rival Google+ then it needs to do a complete revamp.

The best feature in Google+ that Facebook lacks is that it allows you to divide your friends in different circles and allows you to restrict and share information between them. So it is not necessary that your every information will be accessible to everybody. It sorts out the biggest problem of networking sites. That means what we share with our friends will not be necessarily available to our colleagues or family.

Along with this it has another unique feature called hangouts. It allows sparks and video conferences and will be like pop-ups depending on your interests based on your previous search history.

These two features, circles and hangouts, would be a good option for corporate media too, apart from Yammer and LinkedIn. When it comes to marketing, Facebook has an advantage above Google+ of having a much larger network of diverse users. Google+ has a challenge of developing a place like Facebook where business can create profiles for marketing strategies.

Though it is too early to predict anything but if we look at the wide horizon of Google where it provides Gmail, blogging, search engine, applications, it’s definitely here to stay. How much is it affecting the other sites right now is difficult to say? But the growing interest that Google+ is getting is difficult to ignore.

Tech Throwback – The ‘Rise’ of Google+

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